Where to Take Laundreez: Palm Springs Edition

If you've ever had a severe case of wanderlust for Palm Springs in the summer, you're not alone. And, sure, those triple digit temperatures aren't ideal- but if you're itching to visit this architectural haven, chances are you're not going to let something like a little warm weather get you down. The trick to battling August or September temps in Palm Springs boils down to two mandatory factors- first, the perfect itinerary, and second- the right tools to freshen up. Here is your complete guide to staying cool in the desert this time of year.

1. Stay Nocturnal

Desert pros know that the key to enjoying Palm Springs in August is living somewhat nocturnally- that is, napping by the pool during the day, and only venturing out after the sun goes down. Oh, and don't forget; before leaving your hotel room to head down to the pool, don't forget to grab your Laundreez bag. It'll double as a cool bag when filled with ice. 

2. Go a little higher

A trip up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a great way to get away from the triple digit temps- it could be up to 30 degrees cooler at the top. If you're lucky, you'll get to enjoy the wildlife enjoying the San Jacinto mountains, or even take a guided hike on the 50 miles of hiking trails up there. Don't be afraid to get dirty; when you get back to your hotel, you'll be able to throw that whole outfit in a Laundreez portable washer and re-wear it tomorrow.

3. Hit the museums

Is there anything better than a freezing cold museum in the dead of summer? With Palm Springs being such a budding design and architecture hub, you can expect the Coachella Valley museum scene to be pretty awesome as well. We love all three locations of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

4. Rent a Car

There's nothing worse than having to wait on an Uber in sweltering 120-degree weather. Pick up a rental car instead, and enjoy the air conditioning while you drive around to enjoy some of the city's most famous architecture, like the Pink Door. When lunch time rolls around, be sure to make a trip over to the famous Parker Palm Springs hotel and have lunch at Norma's. 

What are your favorite things to do in Palm Springs?


Stay cool,

Team Laundreez

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