The Best Spas in San Diego, California

Here at Laundreez, you could say we're obsessed with efficiency. While we've got the portable washing thing down pat (have you heard of our on-the-go laundry machine?) we, like anyone else, still have to wait for our favorite outfit to dry in our hotel room after that quick Laundreez wash. And so, the question stands- what better way to spend that time than in a spa robe? Here are our top 3 spas in San Diego, California- for the next time you just happen to be waiting for the wash!

Lemongrass Center

If you generally prefer an energy healing to follow your eyebrow wax, then the Lemongrass Center might be for you. It doesn't get more hippie dippie than this little spot in Encinitas; a 1-hour Spiritual Awakening session will cost you $80 buckaroos. If you're not keen on dishing out big bucks for a spiritual experience, maybe you'd prefer a Crystal Recharge, a 30-minute session of a bio-pulse sound, amethyst bio mat, aroma, gemstones, and crystals "to amplify the healing ability of the environment and give you the opportunity to reach a deep state of relaxation, peace, and well-being." Awesome.

Four Moons Spa


Four Moons Salon and Spa in Encinitas is about as hippie as Mercury being in retrograde (without all the strange communication lags.) The Spa and Wellness center, whose mission statement is to "raise the frequency of our planet by starting within," offers everything from Spray Tans and Mani/Pedis to Medical Medium sessions and Color Readings. The Spa is located on the ultra-cool Vulcan Ave. in Encinitas, walking distance from the water and plenty of great restaurants and an ultra-cool small beach town feel.

Apotheque Lifestyle Spa

If you're looking to make a day of your holistic journey, start at the Apotheque Lifestyle Spa in Oceanside, which blends "ancient wisdom" and "old world remedies." The quaint exposed brick building offers 65 Spa Treatments, 24 Essential Oils and 27 Fragrance Oils and specializes in everything from Reiki Energy Healing to Cupping- and everything in between.

What are your favorite things to do in San Diego?

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