How To Use Your Laundreez Properly

1. Add Detergent and Water

Add detergent and fill with water to line indicated. (Be sure to add detergent inside of the mesh for optimum suds!) If you need more, you can also add it through the pour hole in the side.

2. Add Clothes

Add clothes and push into water. 

3. Fold and Clip Laundeez

Carefully fold down top of Laundreez 4 to 5 times and clip forward. Then, hold clip in one hand and grab the bottom of your Laundreez to swish and massage your clothes clean!

4. Rinse

After letting your clothes soak in detergent (the longer, the better!), rinse all detergent out and add in clean water to rinse laundry of all detergent.

5. Hang to Dry

Voilà! After your clothes are rinsed, hang dry and wear again!
Remember that Laundreez was designed to work with modern detergents, and lets the detergent do the work cleaning clothes! Our unique portable washing machine allows clothes to soak in the detergent solution while it attaches itself to various types of dirt and grime within the fabric.

Then, by swishing the items in the Laundreez, dirt, and grime are pulled away from the clothes and poured away with the detergent solution. But whether you use a sink, a bucket or Laundreez to wash clothes, remember to follow the detergent manufacturer's recommended soaking time (or longer). This will ensure you do not waste the detergent and your clothes come out cleaner!

What are your favorite ways to use your Laundreez?

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