How to Keep your White Clothes White and Bright While On-the-Go

Written by Kara Little

Keeping your white clothes nice, bright and white is a difficult task as it is. Add being on-the-go, and the task becomes especially difficult! Thankfully, with your easy-to-use Laundreez and these 5 tips, your whites will be looking whiter and brighter in no time.

  • 1. Separate your white clothes from your colored clothes

  • We may not want to do this when we’re in a hurry, but separating your white clothes from your colored clothes is so important. Mixing loads may cause your colored clothes to bleed onto your white clothes, which is never good. We all know what happens when a stray red sock sneaks into a load of white clothes! Make sure you ONLY wash your white clothes with other whites.

  • 2. Use the hottest water possible that’s safe for the fabric

  • Another simple trick to keeping your white clothes looking white and bright is to use hotter water when washing them. The higher water temperature will remove more of the germs or dirt on the clothes. Just be sure to check the wash label on the clothes for the recommended wash temperature to prevent damage or shrinkage!

    3. Use a detergent that contains bleach

    Opting for a detergent that contains bleach (or even a bleach alternative) is very effective for maintaining your whites. Luckily, you can use any detergent you please when using your Laundreez. This will also be beneficial for removing any stains you acquired from all your adventures.

    4. Add some lemon juice

    Lemon juice is helpful in so many ways, and aiding in keeping your clothes white is no exception! Since lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, this is a very simple yet effective method. Squeeze half of a lemon into your Laundreez with hot water, and let the clothes soak for an hour or overnight (depending on how much bleaching your whites need). After soaking, wash your whites in your Laundreez as you normally would.

  • 5. Dry your clothes outside

  • If you’re on the go, you may not have access to an automatic dryer. This actually works in your favor because drying clothes outside is better for whites! The ultraviolet rays from the sun will help brighten and whiten your clothes. Once your clothes are dry and bright, you’re ready for your next adventure!

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