Follow Laundreez Throughout Asia with Dyslexictraveller (Instagram)

Laundreez wants to thank the Dyslexictraveller (Instagram) for feedback:

“I have used it (the Laundreez) for different purposes, I used it in India to clean my clothes two times as the cleaning facilities out there are not great. In Southeast Asia, I haven't needed to use the clothes cleaning function as washing out here is super cheap in a Laundrette but as I biked through Vietnam and Cambodia I put my valuable items in there like my Camera, phone, passport, etc. in case it rained and my bag got wet (which it did on multiple occasions).  So, the dry bag feature is super handy I have only had about 10 days where I was on the beach as the countries I have visited are not beach places. Now I'm in Thailand. When I get to the island I will be looking at doing more kayaking and water-related travel. In this case, I think the dry bag will come in use a lot more and some of the islands are pretty limited by what facilities they will have. I'm sure I'll use it again to clean my clothes there.”

 Enjoy the remainder of your adventures and continue to report back to us.

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