Back-to-College Tips with Laundreez

It’s back-to-school season and Laundreez is here to help! When living in a college dorm, it’s super important to save money and space where you can so we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly ideas that you might not have thought of. Each item is a great addition to your basic packing list, like this one here!

Add a tension rod

Too many clothes and not enough space? Simply add another tension rod to the bottom half of your closet and you’ve doubled your space. Tension rods are inexpensive and extremely easy to put up, plus they don’t require any hooks, screws, or holes of any kind so your school won’t mind.

Use a mattress caddy

If your dorm is on the smaller size (most of which are), swap the bedside table for a mattress caddy. They’re much cheaper, smaller, and offer plenty of space for your bedside essentials. The various compartments also allow for great dorm organization and are extremely versatile. You can keep one for bathroom supplies or even add one to your desk for school supplies.

Store snacks with a shoe organizer

Snacks are a must for your packing list and we find that a great way to store them is with over-the-door shoe organizers. Vertical tiered organizers are an excellent way to maximize wall/door space and make it easy to see and grab what you like.

Decorate with a storage ottoman

What’s better than multi-functional furniture? A storage ottoman functions as both a place to store whatever you need and additional seating. You can slide it under the bed when you don’t need it or even use it in place of a traditional desk chair. The best part is that it’ll look great and add a decorative touch to your space.

Bring Laundreez!

Save those laundromat quarters and wash dirty clothes in your own dorm! Laundreez makes a great addition to the college packing list - it’s perfect for light loads, the compact size makes for easy storage, it only takes a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your room.

Do you have any other dorm tips to share? How do you use your Laundreez? We’d love to hear from you over on our Facebook or Instagram!


Off to school,

Team Laundreez

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