7 Times You Probably Never Realized You Needed Laundreez

When it comes to adventures, outdoor activities, traveling, and being eco-friendly, Laundreez has you covered! We're the new on-the-go washing solution, and we're here to help you anywhere you may need. Made from strong, resilient material, Laundreez is ideal for washing everything from delicates to muddy sports and activity attire. Here are 7 times you probably never realized you needed Laundreez:


We all know camping comes along with a lot of dirt. Laundreez uses less water than traditional washing solutions, helping the environment and your clothes stay clean while outdoors. A bonus? Wash that campfire smell out of your clothes before you get home.

Beach Day

How many times have you been to the beach and thought I wish I had a separate bag for my bathing suit and sandy items? Take Laundreez to the beach as a convenient way to transport beach items and wet swimwear back to your car or hotel.

Kids Sports Game

When it comes to childrens sports games, there seems to be no shortage of dirty (and smelly) socks, tees, and shorts. If you've ever wished you had a completely separate washer machine for these uniforms, you're in luck! Add these stinky uniforms to your Laundreez to keep your standalone washer smelling fresh.

Hotel Room

Save money on the over priced hotel laundry services with Laundreez. You can bring your bag with you on all of your adventures- and stay fresh wherever you may travel. The best part? You don't even need to be in your hotel room to use Laundreez! Do a quick wash while on the go, so you don't waste any time sight seeing! 

Ice Bag

Laundreez is water-proof and ideal as an ice bag. Fill the bag with ice and drinks of your choice- a great option for concerts, birthday parties, boating, and the beach. Sip and enjoy!

Dorm Room

All those quarters from dorm laundromauts add up. Laundreez is the perfect money saving addition to every college student's packing list. Clothes can be washed quickly right in the dorm room, saving time and eliminating any worry about clothes going missing. This makes it a great gift for college students and high school grads, and mom will appreciate it, too!

Light Loads

We've all been there; you need a specific shirt for the next day, but it's one of the only things in the hamper. Instead of running the washing machine for such a light load, use Laundreez! You'll save much more water and it'll even speed up the process if you use the dryer on your freshly washed clothes. Because it's as gentle as a hande wash, it'll even be better for your clothes than in the washing machine. 


Still not convinced you need Laundreez? Being lightweight and easy to pack, this product will be essential for your every day needs. Laundreez will last a lifetime and can be used in even more ways than we have listed here!

How else do you use your Laundreez? We'd love to hear!

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