Laundreez, launched!

Laundreez - for the smarter traveller

Wow! I cannot believe we have just launched Laundreez with its new website and e-commerce portal; what a ride it has been!

From conception to final production, this has been a fascinating journey.

Laundreez was the result of an unfruitful Google search for ‘an alternative to using a sink for hand washing’, which revealed a gap in the market. Working with a London design team we sorted through countless ideas before deciding on a bag that would be simple, sturdy, and versatile. 

We then hired lawyers to comb through worldwide patents to ensure we were not ‘recreating’ something.  It had to be novel.

Once the GB patent drawn up and approved, turning the idea into a reality became the challenge. A screw cap was specially designed and fifty Laundreez prototypes were made.  These were heavily tested.

As the bag proved its worth, we turned to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, to determine the market for the product and begin the distribution process.  Over 280 backers supported the campaign with many now in possession of their very own Laundreez as a reward for backing us.

Thus far the feedback on Laundreez has been great and we would like to thank those who gave us our first customer reviews after some real road testing. Feedback and advice really pushes us to make Laundreez the best bag it can be!

Laundreez is now available online through our own e-commerce site and Amazon. Our next goal is to get Laundreez stocked by retailers providing gear for the camping, travel, and maritime markets. We will update our list of stockists in due course. 

We would like to thank every Kickstarter backer, our manufacturer, our designer, our photographers,  our website developers, our patent lawyers and all those who have contributed to making this idea a reality! We are so proud of our progress thus far and look forward to providing fresh, clean clothes to everyone whenever and wherever!


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